The Morning After…

It’s the 1st of March everybody and Flash-fiction February is (technically) over…
We say technically, as you are very welcome to send us your flash-fiction pieces all through March – just pop over to the prompts page if you need some inspiration – but your daily shower of February prompts has now ended.

Thanks to everyone who has already submitted pieces – you’re all legends!

Of course we hope to be able to inspire you all in other ways – fun articles and writerly advice will be coming your way via blog and twitter, and not to forget our annual crowd pleaser coming this Tuesday: Fan Fiction and Scenes of a Sexual Nature!

Our Haiku tree is still a bit empty and if you have any poems, pieces of prose or book reviews, send them our way and they will be put on the blog!

I’m off to drown my post-flash fiction blues with tea and uni-work. (Getting a bit behind on that, I wonder why…)

Nina x

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