Haiku Tree


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Total exhaustion,
Celebration in the pub,
That is – Finals’ End!

by Keyemi


Raw endless wasteland,
With one word to describe it,
And that is this: Wet.

by Ailsa


Oh god of morning
pour out another sadness
soft in your laughter.
(by Maria)



Little silver box,
a limbo for lost voices
compressed inside black wire.
(by Marcus Bechelli)



Perfect circle moon
Breathing out a wisp of cloud
Opal on jet black
(by Rachel Norris)


Signs of life flutter
in distant yellow boxes
surrounded by stone.
(by Marcus Bechelli)


An exhalation,
muffled in a static void
like crackling ember.
(by Marcus Bechelli)

Charred particles of
electric ember burn in
radio abyss.
(by Marcus Bechelli)


Red silk like wet blood
Spills down her front like a shroud
Bright amongst the tombs.
(by Louise McCue)


Through misty windows
People stare like furtive ghosts
Watching lives below.
(by Louise)
The gaslight lamp posts
Stand sentinel at doorways
Waiting for the night.
(by Louise)


In the heat of lust,
She declared war on all men,
Passion brings madness.

(by Ailsa)


To My Apple Products

I love you

again and again

you cost me

(By John Malone)


Melancholy month
of autumn. Leaves are falling
gracefully to death.
(by Marcus Bechelli)


Buzz of radio
Obnoxious songs and chatter
Too loud! Turn it down.

Static floods my ears
Radio killed true music
Slow, nostalgic sounds.

White noise fills my brain
Garbled broadcasts from lost days
But I hear no words.

(all by Maura Kenny)


Silent abyss calls
Dizzying depths of terror
I’m lost in shadow.

Darkness envelops
Rotten beast, clawing for light
Alone in the deep.

(both by Maura Kenny)

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