Submit Work Here

This page is a place for you to submit any group or individual work you came up with in the workshops. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly polished – we’ll check over it for you before it gets published on the blog. Please provide your name and/or the names of the people in your group as well as which workshop you were inspired by, and leave your email address so I can get back to you – this won’t be put on the blog. If you want to submit anonymously, just write ‘anonymous’ in the ‘name’ section.

If this is a finished piece of work from a workshop, or one that you started in a workshop and finished later, please add a title to the main text and we’ll publish it as a finished whole.

If you want to submit photos of your work instead (e.g. cut-up poetry, maps or illustrations) just email the images to or send as a Facebook message to the page, and we can post them up in glorious technicolor!

Can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with! :)