Hall of Fame

This page is meant to be a record of anyone who has played a major role in helping the society over the years since its founding in 2011. It also provides a list of our competition winners over the years.

Summer Short Story Competition Winners 2015
1st: Maria Rose Sledmere
2nd: Rachel Norris and Rachel Walker
3rd: Maura Kenny

Dragon Competition Winner 2014
Ailsa Williamson

Summer Short Story Competition Winners 2014
Theme: ‘Elements’
1st: Katalina Watt
2nd: Scott Dallas
3rd: Ross Van Gogh


President: Heather Caldwell
Co-Vice President: Maura Kenny
Co-Vice President: Thomas Boyle

President: Hayley Rutherford
Co-Vice President: Heather Caldwell
Co-Vice President: Maura Kenny

2015 -2016
President: Rachel Norris
Vice President: Hayley Rutherford
Secretary: Ailsa Williamson

2013 – 2015
President: Maria Sledmere
Vice President: Louise McCue
Secretary: Nina Lindmark Lie

President: Emily Grenfell
Admin team: Katalina Watt and Maria Sledmere

2011 – 2013
Creative Writing Society Founder and 1st President: Emily Grenfell


Previous Board Members: 

I will never forget the first Creative Writing Group meeting, held in The Dram. I’d booked the room but they bumped me to a corner seat in the pub because they didn’t quite believe me when I said people were coming. In reality I didn’t quite believe me either, so I don’t blame them. I’d prepared some ideas, and brought my print-outs and I sat in the corner with my pint, hoping that someone would come along and give me a reason to be there.

A few months before I’d got tired of waiting for someone else to set up a Creative Writing Group, and so I decided to create one as part of the well-established Lit Soc. On that night, in the Dram, clutching my pint, people began to arrive. I had no idea then that those people would become my best friends at University, or that the Creative Writing Group would continue well past my time there, but after a year we were an established society, and after a couple of sessions the Dram gave us the room.

While president of the GUCWG I had the pleasure of working with some truly great people. I remember the magic of listening to the quietest member of the group reading aloud for the first time. We held our breaths, enraptured by her story. Her voice grew stronger with every session and she went on to be president after me.

It’s strange to think that the CWG didn’t exist before me, because I can’t imagine Glasgow University without it. It is by far my greatest creative achievement, purely because it gives people the space to be creative and achieve. That it’s still around, independent, and growing strong is a testimony to the people who have helped shape it and make it what it is today. Here’s to the next chapter! And may the story get stranger, funnier, and more surreal with every twist and turn – Emily

When I turned up to the first ever session of creative writing, I was just a timid wee fresher. I had no idea that I was signing up to a group that would not only inspire me to actually write but also to share my writing and collaborate. Sitting on the floor of a West End pub, helping to make maps for the epic fantasy novel we were all working on, someone turned to me and said “I feel like I’m in my element”. I think that’s the most important thing about this society: providing a space where you can be comfortably and creatively crazy, where you can channel your imagination into something productive whilst also making friends and taking time off uni work. We may not have the budget of bigger societies, or send you on ski trips off around the continent, but hopefully we can offer some kind of weekly fun & inspiration. It’s been a total pleasure working as president for two years, and I’ve found it really rewarding planning writing sessions and seeing how different people approach different genres, forms and ideas. I’ve also met some properly lovely people, and I hope next year the new folks will enjoy it as much as I did! – Maria

I remember seeing the Creative Writing stall at Fresher’s Fair in my first year, but I didn’t join until nearly Christmas. I have been writing for years, I never really dared take the leap and show my work to anyone, or had people that I could discuss all things writing with. Like Maria said, I had no idea what I was signing up for or that it would prove to be so much fun. Emily once described the society as her way of creating a ‘support group’ for people who wanted to write but never really got going, or wanted to sign up for more daunting writing-courses. I personally love that idea behind it because that is exactly what CW became for me and, I think, many others as well: a way to find your element. Not only did we create a lot of crazy worlds and stories, but we got four years to hang out with some amazing and lovely people. I am sure the CW society will continue to inspires writers for many years to come and I hope you will all enjoy your time here as much as I did. – Nina

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