AGM and Board Elections

Dear all,

I am very sad to say that we are coming to the end of the semester soon and with that, the end of my time as Creative Writing Society president! I’ve really enjoyed the role and have met some cool people along the way. Anyway, we have two weeks left and the second of those weeks (Week 11 in the academic calendar) is our AGM. This is a chance for you to give feedback on how things are done in the workshops and to give any ideas for next year. We will also have a book swap so start thinking about what you want to bring!

Most importantly though, we will be electing our three board members for next year (Secretary, Vice President and President). The rules are that you can run for any two roles, but can only take on one of course! Anyone that wants to run, please can you email me at or Facebook me. Since we’ve already got a few people thinking about it, I think it would be helpful to voters if you wrote a wee manifesto (no more than say 300 words) about why you’d be good for the role, your experience with creative writing society and so on. The only rule about who can apply, according to our Constitution (accessible via the ‘Schedule, Links and Resources’ page), is that you have to have been a member for at least a year. This means that if you are just finishing up first year you can apply, but only if you started at the beginning and have been a regular attendee ;) if you want to know more about what each member does before applying, feel free to ask, though it’s pretty straightforward all in all and we generally work in a team! Creative Writing Society will be four years old soon and I think it’s important that I leave it in safe hands!

Nina is working on getting us a better venue for the next two sessions so fingers crossed we won’t be in the tropic heat of the Reading Room again, but stay tuned for more info on that.

Also, another important thing is our annual survey. It takes no more than five minutes as it’s only 10 mostly multiple choice questions. Basically it’s to gather feedback about what works and what doesn’t, and ideas about things you want to see next year. Greatly appreciate your time taking it and don’t worry it’s all anonymous :)

Link to the survey HERE:

Hope to see you all next week for CRIME FICTION.

Don’t forget this week’s prompt’s CLOVER, and send me anything you come up with via the ‘Prompts’ page :)