Flash Fiction February

About Flash Fiction February

Each February, here at GUCW we run a challenge where each day a new set of roughly three prompts is issued. These prompts are used as inspiration for flash fiction submissions of 500 words or less – ideally, everyone getting involved with the challenge posts one FF submission per day! The prompts may be anything from words, pictures, and news articles to songs, videos and website links, so there’s plenty to get us all thinking.

The aim of this challenge is to motivate everyone into writing more and producing some short and sweet fiction which will also help keep our blog more active. Please feel free to accompany your work with a drawing or picture of some sort (make sure it’s your own photo or from a stock website though, for copyright reasons!). You can either email your work to the regular CW email, post it on the Facebook page or through the submission form on this page. The daily prompts will be posted on Facebook, as well as on this page, along with the date. The aim is to have your work up on the day the prompts are released, but feel free to write on prompts from previous days and we will ‘back-date’ them for you! Good luck writing, and keep it snappy! ;)

Here are some sites with more information on Flash Fiction as a form, and to help get you inspired to start writing your own:


Download our Flash Fiction Anthologies for FREE right here:

2014: 28 Days

2015: Microcuts

2016: Serial Flashers

2017: FLASH! …ah-aah


Submit Here:


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