Prompt Page

Here is a little fountain of weekly inspiration for your writing. You can use it for anything you like: building on something you started in a workshop, a poem, an idea for a novel or play, a fragment of prose, flash fiction, reflective writing – anything at all! We really want to showcase everyone’s work because there’s so much undiscovered talent out there, so please send us your stuff via the form below and we’ll pop it on the blog :)



Week 1

oak, transience, tie, dusk, green, shoe

Week 2

leaf, snorkel, enchanting, gurgle, intergalactic

Week 3

dark, tired, perfume, early, true, crime

Week 4

escape, morose, chasm, pink, dove

Week 5

Castle, Robbed, Painting, Hanged, Blindness

Week 6

carnivore, cerebral, shadow, mint, stripes



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