Workshop Handouts

Here you will find our Workshop Handouts from previous sessions we have run.

Simply click on the title to download the ones you want.

Please feel free to use the exercises to aid in your own personal writing and if you are inspired by a task we’d be more than happy to add your work to the blog. Send any submissions to-, or using the submissions box below.

(**Disclaimer- We work very hard to plan our workshops so we ask politely that you do not use these workshops in a teaching capacity as they are our property and enjoy them for personal use only, thank you!)

Workshop 1- Icebreaker

Cut-Up Poetry

Endings workshop

Halloween/ Horror

Myths and legends

Scottish Writing

Erotic and Romantic Fiction

Micro Narratives

Historical Fiction



Childrens Fiction & Genre

Colour Writing

Character Hot-Seating

Short Stories

Comedy Writing


Crime & Mystery Fiction


Writing with Music

Little Workshop of Horrors

Mash-up & Crossover Fiction

Scots Writing (pt.2)