Summer Short Story Competition 2016




Write a short story of 800-2000 words. Stories are to be submitted by *MONDAY 18th JULY* and the winner will be announced on *MONDAY 25th JULY*.

All entries will be hosted on the blog. (unless you wish otherwise, just let us know)

Stories can be submitted via the form below or sent to

When submitting your story please include a title (not simply just the prompt word as this will make stories difficult to distinguish), your name or at least initials (please do not leave anonymous) and your email address (this is crucial so we can contact you if you win).

And so you creative people can fuel your imagination with a brand new book. The winner will receive a £10 Waterstones gift card and the runner up will receive a £5 Waterstones gift card.



The subject of the story is to be: JOURNEYS.
It is up to you how you choose to interpret this prompt. Your story could feature a physical journey; someone travelling to a new place, or journeying home OR your story could feature a personal journey; the emotional development or exploration of the life of a character.

As well as the main body of your story you are more than welcome to include personal illustrations, as well as photographs or quotations or extracts of poetry that have inspired your story.

Good Luck. Happy Writing!



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