To the old hats – welcome back – we hope to be seeing your faces again. For those of you who don’t know who we are (but would like to) – we are a student society who run weekly workshops. We aim to encourage people to develop their own writing skills and connect with other keen writers.

All are welcome – whether you’re a beginner or have been writing for years. If you just want to network, or if you’ve been dragged along by a friend.

Join us for our 1st Icebreaker workshop of term – The Dram! On Woodlands road WEDNESDAY 19TH from 6-8. Hope to see you there!

One last thing about our society – it’s completely FREE! We do not charge any membership fees – we know we’re all broke.


If you’re on campus get to the MAIN BUILDING. If you’re trying to get there from off-campus, the best way is getting the subway and getting off at KELVINBRIDGE.


Turn down the hill towards the GUU and the CHARLES WILSON building (away from the Byres road side).

Go down that hill and turn left. The GUU (big fancy sandstone building) will be on your left, Charles Wilson (big fancy church building) on your right. Turn right at the traffic lights and go down GIBSON STREET.

Keep walking straight down that road until you get to a roundabout. The OLD SCHOOLHOUSE should be on your left (it’s a nice pub – you should try it out sometime) and the ST ANDREWS building on your right. The road right in front of you is WOODLANDS ROAD.

Turn right up Woodlands Road. THE DRAM! is right after a set of traffic lights.


Exit the subway to the right and you will find yourself in a car park. Walk through the car park and turn left to exit at the barriers (they are a garish orange and white – you can’t miss them).

You will see a cobbled road that curves up on your right-hand side – it is SOUTH WOODSIDE ROAD. Go up it.

THE DOUBLET bar will be on your right. Cross at the traffic lights on your right-hand side. Turn right straight after crossing and then take the first left. You are now on WOODLANDS ROAD. Walk straight up Woodlands road until you see a bus stop. THE DRAM! is on your right.

Once inside The Dram! turn left into the function room (called THE WEE DRAM). The door should have our name on it, but if not, don’t worry – it’s ours from 6 to 8. If you’re a little early feel free to grab a drink!

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