Week Nine: Micro Narratives and The Art of Re-writing

We’ve spent a whole month having a crack at writing flash fiction, and so now that we’ve mastered this ‘in-between’ approach to writing (shorter than a novel but not quite a Tweet), I thought we could look at how to write really short writing. It’s especially relevant for the digital age, where we spend so much time reading very short articles and flicking between pages of different information, so that our brains get used to digesting stories quickly.

We’ll be looking at some of the shortest stories ever written, and what sort of effects they achieve. We’ll be having a go at condensing our own micro stories as well as using existing ones for prompts. We’ll also consider how you might put together a ‘Twitter-length’ narrative using 25 words or less, and also writing this way in collaboration.

As well as all this emphasis on writing short short stories, we’ll be looking at the art of re-writing, as in, how you might go about rewriting some of your favourite prose fiction. For this you need to bring in one of your favourite novels and pick a particular page that’s relevant somehow – but there’ll be more info on this on the night.

As always, be sure to have a go at writing some flash fiction from February’s prompts for the ebook anthology we’ll eventually collate, as it will also be a good warm-up for this week’s session! Also in case you haven’t seen, there’s now a ‘Prompt’ page on the blog where you can access a weekly prompt for use in any form of writing (remember to send us what you create!).

For now, check out this selection of authors’ Twitter stories:


See you soon!


*** Word of warning: our block booking at the GUU Elliot Library has sadly come to a close, however we are working on getting a replacement room for the remaining workshops, so stay tuned to find out where it will be! ***


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