Release of Fantasy Novel

Dear all,
We have just received an email from Alex Jackson regarding the exciting release of his new fantasy novel, Malkonar. Since I know many of you have a penchant for dragons and fantasy, I have attached his plot synopsis and link to Amazon for anyone that’s interested. Alex has kindly offered to come in to speak to us about the writing and publishing process, which I think would be a great opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to arrange something for the end of May after exams or perhaps in September in the new term. Anyway, here you go:
Set in Northumberland, Malkonar provides a traditional fantasy story with a modern, dark twist.
Peter Vaughan’s first mistake was to answer the phone and let a malicious voice known only as Malkonar demand he return a seemingly harmless stone to its former home.

His second mistake was to turn him down.

Before he knows it Peter is in a race to uncover Malkonar’s true identity as his pursuit of the stone descends into violence. The truth is worse than anything he could imagine: Malkonar is not a person, but a species. Dragon-like creatures with the power to possess and even consume the minds of others. His only hope of survival hinges on the knowledge of Septimus, a young malkonar he rescued from certain death, but there’s one small problem: he can’t speak English.

More information can be found here:*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Week 4: Plotting Longer Fiction

Hi all,

Ever thought about writing a novel? I know, it’s not an easy thought. But what if you had a chance to plan one for a future time when you’ve unlocked your novelistic abilities (and aren’t laden down with uni work!)?. Most of you will have heard of National Novel Writing Month – the challenge where you write a 50,000 word novel in just … one month. While we won’t be aiming for anything like that, we think it will be interesting to see how you would go about planning for such a future project and what sort of individual writing exercises you can produce from this planning (that could branch off into other forms e.g. short stories or even poetry).

To make it fun and mix it up we will be doing group activities as well as individual writing. Bring your ideas, your pen and your paper and come along!

Also, it will be February next week which means it’s FLASH FICTION time! All the prompts will be uploaded on the Flash Fiction February page here on the blog, and from there you can access a form through which to submit your work. Limit is 750 words and you have to stick to the prompts. Submit as many as you like! Since it’s the first day, I’m releasing the prompts for 1st Feb early so get thinking – they are TECHNOLOGY, SHAKESPEARE and ECOLOGY. Interpret as you will!

Hope to see everyone on Tuesday,