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About us

This is the blog of Glasgow University’s Creative Writing Society!

We are an SRC-affiliated, student-run organisation brought together by a general love of imagination, which we like to project into writing. We offer an informal, fun and approachable way of meeting like-minded people and exploring your ideas in a group environment. We have no membership fee or official registration process, so you can just turn up to our events, with no need to sign up for anything.

Our meetings revolve around workshop activities and also reading out and discussing individual members’ work. We have an ongoing group novel which everybody has the chance to contribute to.

The main function of this blog is to host work by our members, share interesting stuff related to creative writing and enable the world to read what we’ve created – whether it’s the group novel, or the results of a brainstorming session on how to write a post-apocalyptic romance.

If you have any questions with regards to what we get up to, please drop us an email at: gucreativewritingsociety@gmail.com

Our board members for 2017/2018 are:

Heather Caldwell (President)

Maura Kenny (Vice President)

Thomas Boyle (Vice President)


Copyright Info

©2015 GU Creative Writing Society and its respective members. All work belongs to our members. Please ask permission if you would like to use any of this work; you may quote extracts with a link back to this site or, with permission only, reproduce entire works.

The tricky (and boring) bit!

Your writing and your material, whatever it may be, is yours and yours alone. However, posting things online -tumbler, word press etc – muddles things up a bit. At least if you are trying to find out about the rules for it!

Our approach is that of common sense, more or less:

If you are thinking about reusing your story (poem, script, riddle etc) for competition or the like, do not post the whole and entire piece online.

When a piece of writing is posted on, for example, a blog it technically qualifies as being PUBLISHED. Short extracts are normally fine, but should you post an entire story, of any length, it is generally viewed as published.

This can cause a problem if you want to reuse this story- for example, in a competition, to send to an agent or publisher, etc etc. Some will not like it if the piece have been online and available to others – it is dark jungle full of first rights, online rights, printing rights and so on and so forth. In some cases people will not care if the piece have been posted on a small, personal blog or website – again, how much you want to care about all this depends on how you might potentially want to use a story later on.

Happy writing!

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