Autumnal Haikus

Golden leaves scattered
Trees have shed their memories
Upon the cold ground

Smoke and mist mingle
Your cheeks glow red as candles
The night is still young

Deepest midnight ink
Paints the sky in darkest hues
The stars are hiding.


(By Rachel Norris)

Notes from Workshop 7: Poetry Corner

To ease us into POVEMBER we covered various forms of poetry this week. Here are some of the notes and creations from one of our groups (Maria, James, Heather). If anyone else has stuff to share that they came up with, please email it to — we look forward to reading it! x

We brainstormed around a colour theme before individually writing haiku. 
‘Ode to Donald’ featuring a corn candy windmill (Trump hates windmills, and corn candy is obviously quintessentially American). 
Some scrappy first draft ‘free verse’ – Maria

Project Haiku Tree


So I know you are all very talented haiku writers, as our wee poetry session the other week proved. I decided we should put this talent to use and so made a nice little page in which to showcase everyone’s poems. They will be grouped under themes which you can find on our magical haiku tree: – on this page you can also find a form to submit your poem.

Hope to see some soon, feel free to send anything you wrote at the workshop itself!