Creative Writing (and Reading!)

Hello all!

Just a quick blog post about writing, and the submission of work here- that is what we’re all about!

Firstly, after workshops, please submit what you did during the session! Whether you type it up or scan it in, no matter how bad it is, please submit it! At some point we’ll be gathering things by topic and by week (we’ll have a page with all the fantasy week submissions, a page with the gossip submissions and so on) but that’s a work in progress.

We’ll post things that you’ve written in the workshop itself, or things that the workshop is inspired by.

If you want your submission to be anonymous, that’s fine too!

People will give feedback, and if you want more detailed feedback, the three of us on the committee (Maura, Heather and Tom) are more than happy to read through your work and give feedback on that.

We’re also trying to set some time aside in our sessions to allow people to read out their work, if that would be something that you would be interested in! I always think that it’s very useful to read your work out loud, it can really give you a sense of how the sentences and things fit together.

Again, if you wish your work to be read out but you don’t want to read it out, one of the committee members can read it out for you!

We’re all pretty nice at creative writing, and we’ll give good constructive feedback- don’t be worried!

If you have anything you want to submit, please submit it on this website, at this link, or email it directly to us at And if want to read something out, drop us an email to let us know!

Hope to read your work soon, and best of luck with your writing!


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