Mario Kart

“It is absolutely fucking freezing,” Em muttered, gazing up at the stars and the full moon in the dark night sky, and scowled as she heard a laugh through her earpiece.  “Don’t laugh!”

“Come on, I’m allowed to laugh,” Lucy said, and Em could hear how amused she was.

“It’s alright for you, I’m sure you’re nice and warm in your cosy car with the heater on,” Em said, rubbing her hands together. They felt like little blocks of ice.

“Yeah, I am,” Lucy said smugly, “I bet you’re upset that the random final race was Rainbow Road now, huh?”

“It’s not fair that you’re so much better at that one!” Em snapped, and Lucy laughed again. “I’m gonna win next time, and then you’ll have to stand out in the cold to watch the building.”

“Yeah, right,” Lucy said, “is that a promise?”

“Yes,” Em said vehemently, and then straightened as she saw movement. “Ooh, heads up, there he is.”

“I’m on my way,” Lucy said, and Em heard the door open. “The one who arrests him choses dinner tonight?”

“You’re on,” Em said, and started to run.

-Maura Kenny

[21/02/17: picture of the full moon]


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