Their Last Words to You

“Listen. I know that you’re scared, and that’s okay. I’m not gonna tell you it’ll be alright, because chances are it won’t be, and I don’t want to have to break that promise. It might be terrible- in fact, it definitely will be. It’s all gonna go wrong. It never goes to plan. But if anyone can get through it, it’s you. You’re the strongest person I know. Good luck. I’ll see you soon.”

“How are you? You ready? Got your gear together? Good, good, we won’t have time to sort it when we get there. It’s gonna be fast, I want the teams moving on my mark –no, I don’t know where your clipboard is, get it together, man- so you’ve gotta be ready. Go find your team, they should be over there. Oh, and tell your supervisor to come have a word with me!”

“I’m not going to have a chance to see you until later, probably, so I just wanted to say… you’re the best friend I ever had, and I’m sure we’ll be fine but. Well. If something does happen, I’d be pissed at myself if I didn’t say anything. I love you. And I’m so glad you’re in my life- ah shit, they’re calling me. Meet you at the usual place afterwards, okay?”

“You’ll be fine, you’re the best in our fucking class- except for that one time I beat you in maths, hah…”

“On my signal, everyone… three, two, one, and go go go!”

“Watch out, there’s something coming…”

“Keep an eye out… shit, duck!”

“Just a minute, I’m almos-”

“Wait, no, wait-”

“Look out!”


-Maura Kenny

[09/02/17: Minute]

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