A Special Eclipse

There was going to be an eclipse that night and they wanted to play during it. Alasdair already felt tired after the first song. He had never played with others before. His ears hurt too, but he maintained a fake smile. For months, he had been badgering Harry Dickson to let him practice with them and he had finally conceded.

Harry’s parents had a huge house, with all the equipment. It meant they could play outside in the garden. They were playing hard-core metal. It wasn’t Alasdair’s normal style, but he was a geek desperate to rise to the status of an emo. This was his chance to ascend from his old social circle and he didn’t want to mess it up.

There were five of them; Harry on vocals; Sam Watson on lead guitar; Thomas Healy on bass; John Ellis on drums; and Alasdair on rhythm guitar. They were dressed in black with heavy make-up, while he wore a red t-shirt. His glasses sometimes fell from his face, hindering his playing.

‘Great playing, there Alasdair’ Harry said to him. The others smirked. It was clear they didn’t agree. They played another song. He felt their eyes on him. As it got closer to the eclipse, their playing worsened. They were all slightly shifty, except Harry, who continued to sing the same as before. Alasdair stared at him, admiring his confident aura, almost unable to believe they were now friends.

Afterwards they took a break. They lay on the grass together. He and Harry relaxed, while the others continuously gazed at their watches.

‘You’ve really got talent. Definitely come next week.’

‘Thanks, I will.’

If Harry said he had talent, he did. He was like an omniscient God to him, his words holding such magnitude for Alasdair. He continued staring at him, studying the simple details of his face and wondering how he could imitate his makeup.

‘Harry, it’s almost time.’ shouted Sam.

‘Oh, right. I’ll be back in a sec.’ He got up and disappeared around a corner. Alasdair hadn’t wanted him to leave him alone to lie awkwardly with the others. Thomas began plucking his bass. It was one monotonous note repeated over and over, the reverberation shaking the ground. It was felt pleasant, a gentle tickling sensation. He shut his eyes.

Suddenly, he felt something tightening against his body. When he opened his eyes, he saw Sam and John tying a rope around him.

‘What are you doing?’ he laughed.

They didn’t laugh back, but just continued to tie it around him. He tried to struggle, but Sam held him down, gripping onto him tightly.

The sky began to darken.

‘Seriously, what are you doing?!’

Harry came out from around the corner, his hands behind his back. He knew Harry would help him out. He was smiling strangely. The moon turned red as he stabbed the machete into Alasdair’s chest.

by James Hunter

[21/02/17: Omniscient, Reverberation, picture of eclipse]


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