Sophie opened her eyes, and immediately regretted it. Her mouth was unpleasantly dry and her head was pounding and her muscles were aching and, yep, she was naked in a stranger’s bed. Yay. She moved tentatively and groaned. Fuck. She was curled up under the covers, head just poking out, and the sun was pouring in through the window, through a crack in the curtain, right onto her face.

She looked around the room, but it remained unfamiliar. Who had she met? The room was large and cluttered, but the windows were big, with pretty yellow curtains. There were textbooks and notebooks piled on a messy desk, clothes draped over a chair… and then she noticed something, and swore softly under her breath.

A cloak hung over a hook on the back of the door. A workbench with shelves of bottles and vials. Spell books and star charts. An old-fashioned broom in the corner.

“Fuck,” she muttered, “did I sleep with a witch?”

There was a laugh, and she bolted upright, grimacing as the movement hurt her head. A girl had walked into the room and was grinning at her. She was wearing a giant t-shirt and fluffy socks, and Sophie was aware that she was beautiful, even through her fuzzy hungover haze.

“You did,” the girl said, sitting down on the bed next to Sophie, “and I slept with a very unobservant vampire.”

Sophie cursed again, flopping back down onto her stomach and burying her face in the pillows. “Fuck,” she said, the word muffled by the fabric.

The girl laughed again. It was lovely. Fuck.

“I’ve never seen a vampire that drunk before,” the girl said. “I didn’t know vampires could even get that drunk.”

“We can get drunk,” Sophie said grudgingly, rolling over to look at the girl. She was still annoyingly beautiful, even with ruffled hair and smudged make-up. “We just need to drink a lot. It was my friend’s birthday and he was buying and I’d had a shit day and I shouldn’t be telling you this really, I can’t believe I slept with a witch. Why were you even at a vamp club?”

“I wasn’t at a vamp club,” the other girl said, smirking, “you were at a witch club.”

“Oh,” Sophie said weakly, remembering with a sudden flash. “So I was.”

She lay there, staring at a strange shaped stain on the ceiling, piecing through her memories of last night and blushing.

The other girl cleared her throat, and Sophie was pulled from her thoughts with a jolt.

“Do you want to go for breakfast or something?” the witch said abruptly, and even in her unobservant state Sophie could see a hint of nervousness.

Sophie considered it. “Yes,” she said finally, surprising even herself, and the girl beamed, bright and relieved and happy.

“What’s your name?” she asked apologetically, “if you told me last night I don’t remember, sorry…”

Sophie grinned. “I’m Sophie,” she said, and the girl raised her eyebrow.

“A vampire called Sophie?”

“Hey!” Sophie said indignantly. “That is a perfectly normal vamp name. What’s your name?”

“My name’s Rowena,” she said, grinning.

“You’re kidding me,” Sophie said flatly, “a witch called Rowena? And you insulted my name?”

The girl laughed, shaking her head. “Of course I’m kidding,” she said, and Sophie glared at her.

“It’s Anna,” the witch corrected, with a smirk.

And Sophie smiled.

-Maura Kenny

[07/02/17: socks]

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