There is a Tree at the centre of the worlds – at the centre of all worlds. It is the point of connection between this realm and the next, and the next, and the next; each world precariously held in place as they dance around each other – passing from bough to bough.
No matter where you stand, the Tree is never the same twice: sometimes a bouquet in full bloom, sometimes rich in sweet and poisonous fruits. There are times when it bares nothing at all – only brittle, unyielding branches. And sometimes it is everything all at once. Yggdrasil is as varied as the world she carries.
Solidly planted in the middle of existence where the warmth of bright skies passes into the starry depths of the spaces beyond. Roots twining down as deep as Hell with the highest branches reach to brush the base of the Heavens.


by Heather Caldwell

(prompts: tree, dance)


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