I have to…

…turn on the light. Now off. Now on again. Left hand, left hand. Now they right. Six times over each hand. Good the light is done. Oh no, the curtains. It’s been left open a crack. I have to close it again. Draw the left side. And the right. Left side all the way open. Now right. Now pull it closed. Yes, slowly.

My stomach aches, work was shitty watching all the plates of food travel right under my nose but I never got a lunch break. It’s been a stressful week. Finally got that assignment in but it’s always worse when I’m stressed, my hands are all cracked and raw from washing them.

Need to eat. Seventeen steps to the kitchen. Start on the left foot.


Made it.


Didn’t even have to do it twice. Got the right-left right. Good. I’ll reheat that lasagne from last night, it’ll save the rhythmic chopping.


Shit. Dirty cup on the draining board.

Twelve times now. Flip it round. Right hand now then… Left. Left. Which side of the curtains did I close first. Left? Right? Right. No, left. Left?


…Back to the curtains.


by H.R.

(prompts: light, curtains)

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