Rattus rattus

From the moment the curtains parted, I had the numb sense of foreboding in my gut. Act 1 began as one might expect of a John Monroe play- a haphazard cast, dressed in abysmal outfits (likely hand-stitched by Monroe’s famously blind wife). The set, in places, had its own colonies of mould, grown in the damp of backstage – the graveyard home of Monroe’s constantly re-used sets. But I did not attend for the set, of course. I came to see the latest (and last?) venture of Troy Laurent, once famed actor of ‘Destination Unknown’ and ‘The Poor Man of Peru’. His acting in the first act could have easily put an insomniac to sleep while his most believable performance in Act II came as a large rat, quite unexpectedly, joined the cast. This did of course lead to Mr Laurent’s hasty departure and an impromptu interlude.

Where once his stage presence would leave one full of awe, Mr Laurent’s most recent endeavour leaves one feeling truly awful. The only possible praise is that he only needed prompted thrice.

In summary, Mr Laurent’s dismal performance has fully cemented his place amongst the fallen stars of celestial Hollywood.


By Richard Thompson

(Prompts: curtain, light, ‘Have you seen a fallen star?’)


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