IMPORTANT – Flash Fiction & Poetry Anthologies

Dear creative writers,

We are currently in the process of compiling the anthologies of all your flash fiction and poetry from the past year…exciting stuff!

The anthologies are a great way of looking back on all the great contributions by our members and friends, and mean that we all have something to take away from the year. All the submissions have been excellent, varied and interesting, displaying the wide range of styles and the huge amount of talent which GUCW has seen this year. We’d love for every submission to appear in the anthology, however, if for any reason you are NOT comfortable with your work being published as an e-book on our blog, please do write to us at to let us know. Please tell us your name and the title of your submission(s) so that we know which ones not to include.

As it stands the format for the anthology includes the full names of the contributors so that everyone gets credit for their work – but if you’d like to remain anonymous, or to be known by initials or a pseudonym, again, please do e-mail us so that we know!

We hope your submissions for the short story competition are coming along nicely, and we hope you all have a wonderful summer!

Best wishes,


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