GUCW Board 2016-17

As you may or may not know we had our AGM last month and decided upon our board for the 2016-17 session of Creative Writing Society. We won’t be officially in charge until September (when the next semester of Uni begins) but in the meantime we thought we’d better introduce ourselves:



Maura Kenny

12910394_987759401277341_193284213_n (1)

Hi I’m Maura, and I’m going into my third year at university, studying physics and astronomy. I enjoy reading and writing and I really love the creative writing society! I adore musicals (especially Les Mis) and superheroes and Harry Potter and space and queer lit and I base my opinion of a restaurant/pub/café on how nice their nachos and/or mac and cheese is. I take mac and cheese very seriously.


Heather Caldwell

12899860_999468960140492_1548836939_n (1)

Bored and raised in Scotland – descended from the MacFarlane clan who were thrown off their own land for stealing sheep. In my spare time  I enjoy reading, writing, little bit of drawing, and listening to music (especially Stevie Nicks). Physically very short and often have brightly coloured hair. Living at home because no flat is big enough for my book collection and imaginary dragon. 🐉


Hayley Rutherford


Oh no! Its her again… Don’t worry I’m about to go in to final year of Scottish Literature so I won’t be back after this. I’ll have to get all my mischief out during this session of creative writing. My favourite things are lifting and creative writing, which are surprisingly difficult to do at the same time. My reading habits are much like my dress sense you’ll either find me in a kilt or looking like Frankenstein’s monster.


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