If his needs get in the way of yours then it will not work. It is about balance. I knew that. Yet he came into my world and his needs eclipsed mine in such a way that not even my smallest of desires could break through. At first it was like a breath of crisp fresh air; breathing excitement into every inch of my strictly scheduled life. But then comfortability came creeping in, bringing with it a bitter after-taste. No longer was he breathing fresh air into my life, instead inhaling fathomless gulps of my energy on a daily basis. I still couldn’t give up. I had to see this through. My home became a place of devastation, submerged in damage. Ruptured blood vessels beneath my skin worked as a constant reminder of what I was going through. A reminder not to abandon hope. A motivator; not a deterrent.

And it paid off. Those soft russet eyes now look at me with the deepest most sincere affection a person can possibly experience in this world. Being greeted by his enraptured brindle face after any length of time apart, long or short, reminds me how much it was worth it. How pleasant it is to forget the puppy training days.

–Abby Montgomery

(Flash fiction prompts: patience)

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