Tongue Tied

It starts with:



Oops meant 😊!

I backtrack, you see. It’s not your fault. I just get a little scared. Silly, I know.

Waiting is the worst. Can’t look away from the screen, when all I can see is:


You stop and start a lot. I wonder if you notice. It keeps me on my toes, breath catching at the thought of your thumb hovering over ‘Send.’

Ridiculous, really.

It takes you 57 seconds to reply:

And here’s me thinking I was special! 💔 😉

Not sure if that means anything. Does it? There’s no rule-book for this. Perhaps it would be easier if we lived in another century. Romance and letter-writing go hand in hand, don’t they? Perhaps we would write each other poetry.

No. Awful idea.

So many words unsent. How can you know?

Fingers fumble over keys to eventually form:

You are! x

Wait. Wait. Wait.

[Saved to Drafts]

— by Jenna Burns

Twitter: @Jenna_221b     Tumblr blog:

(Flash Fiction February prompts: waiting, emoticon)



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