Workshop Submission: ‘The Postman Always Comes too Early’ (fictive novel synopsis)

Jonas with the galloping abs, the postman of the picturesque south English town of Hamford, is going through a severe crisis in his sex life, when he meets Joanna, the sexy housewife of an engineer working in the outskirts of Siberia. Immediately, a hot affair kicks off, but Jonas doesn’t last long enough to fulfil Joanna’s animalistic desire. In order to improve his performance, he begins an erotic journey through the letter boxes of Hamford’s lonely wives. But as Jonas is getting ready to fulfil his love’s needs and return to deliver his mail early again, Joanna’s husband Jack is at home. And he doesn’t like it either, when the postman comes too early….

The Postman Always Comes Too Early, The Poem

There were no words needed to be said,
She led him straight into her bed.
All too soon, the Postman was done,
In the wrong letter box, he had come.
Not only the wrong one, but also too fast
He was still naked, but kicked out at last.
On a a wholy quest, the crusader was sent,
To discover, where his manhood went.
A lot of vaginas, of sex and of cum
And he learned again, how it was to be done.
Back to Joanna his feet carried him,
His penis was hard and the lights were dim.
But he was foiled by the husband, big and burly.
The Postman always comes too early!


(Written by Martin Breul, Elsa, Claire)


One thought on “Workshop Submission: ‘The Postman Always Comes too Early’ (fictive novel synopsis)

  1. The X February 28, 2016 / 10:32 am

    Lol 😂😂😂😂 hilarious too

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