Sugar-Coated Trainspotting

Society is very accepting as to how everyone wishes to live their lives, and actively protects us from certain activities that’d irreparably damage us. For example, if you were drawn into the circles of drug abuse, they’d be here to pull you out. They’d pull you out because, otherwise, society’s resources will be wasted and its citizens would be endangered as a whole. Plus, society cares about you and only wants the best for you. There’s always a much better option waiting for you. Choose life. Choose a luxurious home. Choose holidays to the Costa del Sol. Engage your brain in intelligent, thought-provoking TV dramas. Grow your own healthy, organic food. Have a loving family and retire in peace, living in a sleepy little village in the Highlands keeping ducks. The opportunities are endless in choosing the life that suits you best. Choose life. Well, yes sir, I embrace life and everything that it’ll throw at me. Oh, and if you are indeed a smack head, there’s always England.


(By Calum et al – inspired by the Scottish Writing workshop)

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