Flash Fiction February 2016

So here we are again! Christmas and New Year are behind us, the new semester is in full swing, all the lovebirds are looking forward to Valentines Day…and us here at GUCW are getting ready to write some lovely little flash fiction pieces for this year’s anthology!

If you are a (relative) newcomer to the society, let me explain the premise of this collaborative challenge: you aim to write one piece of flash fiction (a very short story, under 500 words) for each day of February. To help get ideas flowing we’ll provide you with daily prompts, in the form of words, images, quotes, pieces of music, news stories etc. Each piece submitted will be uploaded onto the blog for the delight of all our followers, and at the end of the month we’ll be putting them all together along with some pretty artwork into a .pdf file available to download as an e-book!

Head over to our flash fiction page for more information, or to download our anthologies from previous years for some inspiration. All the prompts for this year can be found here.

Just so you know, the first prompts of the month are:


snowstorm, excavation

drop some thoughts

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