Ailsa Williamson

she strived to find
the good inside
the good beyond
and the ‘other’ foretold
she closed her eyes
and imagined within
a world of ‘other’
that was only a murmur
to tell a girl
‘do not eat
from that tree
of knowldege sweet’
the girl will then
start to wonder
what sort of knowledge
lies beyond now
what sort of ‘other’
is waiting thence
human passion
human desire
will spark a riot
spark a hunger
spark a hunger to succumb to
the serpent’s wiles
the serpent’s eyes
and the hunger will grow
until the bite is made
bait and all
the fish is caught
and all because
a hint was whispered
‘don’t eat from the tree
of knowledge sweet’

(Prompts: lil.jpg; desperation; perfection)

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