Workshop Creations: Character Week – ‘Circus Act’ (by Ailsa et al)

“My character is: Georgie Hunter

She is a bartender and a stalker.

She has an unusual fetish (clowns and acrobats).

She is enthusiastic.


She lives around Europe, moving a city every year or so. She follows various circuses around the countries, for she obsessed with them in terms of her fetishes and her loves.

She has met a lot of people in the circus, but things seem to focus on one in particular, where the rest of the characters have involvement.

She is addicted to stalking people, of finding out their secrets and organising strange orgies.

She is usually happy though, with an addictive personality.

Setting: An unknown European city. There is a ballet troupe nearby as well as the circus. The ballet dancers perform at the circus sometimes.

Connections and past:

Barbara, a Wax-Works exhibit curator for the circus, was once in love with Sneed.

Sneed is a plastic-surgeon who is grumpy as shit.

Barbara and Sneed had Gunther some time ago.

Gunther found out his father was a plastic surgeon, and left when he found his mother having a massive orgy with clowns, giving him clown-ophobia. He left to find his father, and though he decided not to tell Sneed their connection, trained under Sneed anyway.

Georgie was the one who organised the orgy.

Barbara went to Gunther later, not knowing she was her son, and got botched plastic surgery.


Georgie likes Harold, an old clown (retired grump).

Harold, though, likes Barbara.

Miles is a car salesman who was an up-market snob but was dejected by his parents. He has an obsession with vanity and preserving things. He likes Georgie as she is young and beautiful.

Miles also likes Lela, the ballet dancer though. She used to baby-sit him and he has an Oedipus complex with her.

Lela is friends with Barbara who wants to make Lela beautiful, like she once was, before Barbara’s botched surgery.

Lela goes to Gunther for the surgery, but Gunther likes her so makes it good. Lela likes him back.

Margot is Lela’s progidy in ballet dancing. She is the young elegant version of what Lela was when she just began dancing. Margot is friends with Barbara.

Gunther likes Georgie, as he sees her stalking the circus.


Georgie the stalker follows everyone and finds out their secrets and the truth of everything.

In a good mystery fashion she brings them all to the Wax-Works and reveals the truth. Sneed is shocked at the revalation he has a son.

Barbara decides to kill herself, throwing herself into a vat of wax, crying “I always loved you,” to Sneed.

Harold though, leaps in after her to save her, but because he is old he fails and falls in also. They die together as a couple, in each other’s arms.


Harold and Barbara become the centre piece for the new circus.

Georgie starts a relationship with Miles, after her “true love” is now dead.

Lela becomes the new Barbara, takes over the Wax-Works, and Margot becomes the new Lela, excelling in dancing to high levels.

Gunther and Lela end up together.

Sneed drives away, the villain of the piece, in a car sold to him by Miles.”


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