Update: Schedule

Dear Creative Writers,

We can now announce our schedule for the year! This year we have a range of workshops, some passed down as traditions from previous years, and some new. Most will follow a similar format to usual, with some discussion, group work and some individual tasks, but for some we have some interesting things planned. Make sure to bring a bottle of wine along to Week 5 next semester for example…

I hope that all of you can make it along most weeks, however if you’ve a busy schedule this year have a look at what’s upcoming and see what you’d most like to come along to. We’ll try and make each week as fun and inclusive as possible, so even if a particular genre isn’t necessarily your ‘thing’ there’s usually a way to put a spin on it to make it work for your style, plus it’s always fun to see what groups come up with together!

We’re really excited for this year and can’t wait to get to know you all in the weeks to come, and we hope you get the most out of the workshops, and use the time to socialise as well as getting some inspiration and feedback for your writing.

Here’s the schedule!
revised schedule banner


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