FF Anthology Bios

Everyone who contributed to the FF anthology, fancy writing me a short bio of yourself? I want to have a list at the beginning like in last year’s anthology. Example:

John Smith is a third year Biology student. When he’s not making potions or poring over stats and figures, he likes to read science fiction books and drink brandy. He hopes to have some of his poems about plants published one day, but in the meantime he plans to make some dough as a lab researcher in Paris.

Louie Houston​ Hayley Rutherford​ Rachel Norris​ Louise McCue​ Annie Milburn​ Rut Neuschäfer Jane Jones​ Marcus Bechelli​ Paul Inglis​ Ailsa Philomel Williamson​ & everyone else who hasn’t sent one yet :) If you don’t want to do one, I’ll just list your name instead, but I think it’s a nice detail to have little bios.

Email to mariasledmere@outlook.com