IMPORTANT: Flash Fiction Anthology

So the results of the Facebook poll are suggesting that the title is gonna be ‘Microcuts’. If anyone has any other last minute suggestions on the cards feel free to drop an email and we can throw them on the table, but Microcuts will do nicely if not :)

The other important thing is for anyone who has submitted or wants to submit to the anthology. The rule is basically three pieces per person, and they shouldn’t be more than 1000 words each. Also, they have to be related to any of the daily prompts which you can find on the Flash Fiction February page.

If you have already submitted, please let us know via facebook or email which of your pieces you want put into the book. Each should have a title and the prompts you used on the document somewhere (it would be helpful if you sent me it as a document but it’s already on the blog you can just give me the name and I’ll find it!).

If you haven’t yet submitted, the deadline is 30th April so you can still get stuff in before then. When my exams finish early May I will get working on collating it together! We also would like suggestions for artwork, drawings and photography both for the cover and inside so please have a think about that and get back to me.

The other thing is we need mini bios for our writers! See last year’s for some ideas, but basically a couple of sentences about you and maybe some fun facts, what you’re studying and so on.

Looking forward to seeing it come together, I know there’ll be some really good work in there!

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