Reminder! Get your submissions in for the Flash Fiction Feb anthology!

As the semester draws to a close and we fall suddenly into April, I thought it would be a good time to remind everyone that the final deadline for submitting work for the FFF anthology is the last day of April (midnight). Remember you can send in as many flash fiction pieces are you like – all will go on the blog. Then you choose up to 3 which will get put in the final ebook anthology. I have copied and pasted all of February’s prompts below to save you visiting the page again! If you’re stuck for ideas, use the tag cloud to your right to find related flash fiction pieces our members have already written. Remember, anyone can submit, even if you hardly ever attended the workshops. So get writing :D


1.2.15: ecology, Shakespeare, technology

2.2.15: Pick a stereotype from the map found HERE and use it as a prompt (e.g. you could try to subvert or indeed reflect the stereotype).

3.2.15: evidence, underwater, amber



wistful, deceit

5.2.15: file0001449796319

accident, flashback

6.2.15: azure blue, fidelity, prophecy



breakfast, argument

8.2.14: 723665503_912e1438c9_z

curiosity, introvert


reward, terror



mesmerise, longing

11.2.15: garden, consumer, time

12.2.15: apothecary, grey, puppy



flashbulb, sentry

14.2.15: soulmate, ink, journey

Pick any song you like and from that song choose a lyric. Your flash fiction must contain this lyric somehow. 

16.2.15: SAM_1169

lost, key

17.2.15: pancakes, knitting, sun

18.2.15: spatula, lizard, space

19.2.15: CLICK HERE



Rain, Pitchfork



denim, potassium

22.2.15: manic, paraphernalia, booth



mortality, fall-out

24.2.15: chiaroscuro, firefly, vertigo

25.2.15: bodies of water around the world (click here for photos)

middle, troll

26.2.15: Rorschach blot, haunted, glitter

27.2.15: Glasgow photos (then and now) – CLICK HERE

spider, treasure

28.2.15: printing press, waterfall, strawberry

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