New Board & Inspiration Week

Dear all,

I am very pleased to announce that last night we elected our new board for the year 2015-2016. Votes were triple-counted and pretty close, so it was all very exciting. Here are the results:

President: Rachel Norris

Vice: Hayley Rutherford

Secretary: Ailsa Williamson

These are all members who have contributed a lot to the society through their presence at workshops and their submissions to the blog, so I am really pleased to be leaving GU Creative Writing in their hands!

As well as a book swap (I was chuffed to get Ian McEwan’s Enduring Love), we talked over some feedback ‘going forward’ into next year. Here are some general things that came up:

  • There was an interest in bringing back ‘feedback sessions’ in workshops, where people can read our snippets of their own work and discuss it in the group. I think this could work well if done properly; we were thinking about people posting their page up online a few days before so people can read it and come to the workshop with ideas.
  • Have a ten minute free-write in most workshops to give the opportunity to always come away with something productive!
  • Showing people the blog in the first workshop so they can see how we work!
  • Having ‘fun’ or more collaborative workshops such as Cut-Up Poetry and Map-Making earlier on to encourage new members to get involved as a group.
  • More socials and trips!
  • A workshop specifically on poetry in general, not just haiku (I’d love to see more poetry!).
  • A workshop focused on creative writing with a distinctly Scottish flavour.
  • Science Fiction workshop and more genre stuff in general.
  • Perhaps getting in ‘specialist’ speakers.
  • A writing for radio workshop? Also there was interest in screen and script writing.
  • A possible workshop on the world of publishing and self-publishing.

I hope you are as excited about these ideas as I am; I think they will be really helpful for our future sessions! We know that not all of you have completed the feedback survey yet, so we’d really appreciate if you took 5 minutes to answer ten quick questions! CLICK HERE

The other thing I wanted to talk about is INSPIRATION WEEK (beginning 30th March). I feel like since it’s the end of the academic year it would be a nice moment to talk about our literary inspirations. These could be things we have read or films or plays we have seen that have somehow inspired our writing. Anything from The Simpsons to The Odyssey. I think it would be good to share your inspirations (Youtube clips allowed!) for everyone to see so I thought we could all list 5-10 of our inspirations and email them to so I can share them on the blog next week. How about it? :)

Don’t forget Flash Fiction February submissions remain open till the end of April, so if you want to be in the anthology, get them in soon!

Anyway, one more thanks for being a great wee group during my time as President!

Lots of love



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