Crime Fiction and Venue Update

Hello everyone!

Just a wee heads up about the last two weeks of term. So next week the theme is CRIME FICTION. To get you warmed up, why not check out these tips:

Also, the good news is that we finally have a venue that isn’t the sauna of the Reading Room basement:

BOYD ORR: 513 (LT D)

Same time 6-8pm on Tuesday.

The following week (week 11) is our AGM, where we’ll be electing next year’s board members and you have the chance to give general feedback and share ideas about things you’d like to see next year. You can also share feedback via this short survey:

At the AGM, it should only take an hour (there will also be a book swap!) and then we intend to have some drinks somewhere afterwards (more details to follow) so please come along :)


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