Group Micro-Narrative: The Orange

By Maria, Ailsa, Caroline, Kat, Ross, Heather

The diary said that she’d poisoned the orange.

But Jason never saw that detail as he flicked through the pages, he had so little time.

She was waiting for him downstairs.

He was there to seduce her.

He was not successful.

She punched him in the face.

Slowly the nose sank down into the carpet, and out of the sea of blood a dragon emerged.

It roared,flexing its mighty wings and challenged her to a duel.

She asked if he would rather have tea instead.

He agreed and she offered him an orange.

Jason began to question the wisdom of taking LSD

But then, he thought “screw it, dragons are cool”

This is what he wrote on the feedback form supplied by the government, who were conducting experiments on mind control.

So he bit into the orange, including the peel, and at least he found that to be real.

In the government control room, Jason’s body began to spasm and his jaw cracked.

“Increase the dose,” said the scientist.

The dial was turned up and everything exploded.   

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