The second-born

It was cold. Colder than she would have ever expected. She was already wrapped in numerous furs but the icy wind blew into the uncovered parts of her face, reddening her cheeks and making her nose run. So, this was the place where she was supposed to spend the rest of her life. A cold, waste land covered in snow and ice and already pitch-dark only two hours after midday.
She had always known that as a princess her marriage would be arranged, suiting her parents political ambitions. It was a matter that she had never questioned but now she wished that at least, she were the older sister. The one who would follow their parents to the throne, the one who could stay in the woodland kingdom where nymphs danced with fairies in the summertime. Instead she had ended up as the wife of the emperor of the Northern Realm, the most unfriendly part of the world.
The sledge dogs stopped in front of a huge building made of black marble and covered with little white ice crystals. Icicles were hanging from the roof and the windows. Although it was dark, the palace was sparkling as if there was a little flame inside each crystal.
The door opened and a man wearing a white fur coat and red boots appeared. The Emperor. “Dear wife” he said “Welcome to the Palace of Frozen Fire, your new home!”

Rut Neuschäfer
What were your prompts?: pictures of Philadelphia fire


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