Week 8 Workshop: Fan Fiction and Scenes of a Sexual Nature

Hey all,
So last night we looked at remixing genres in fiction and specifically at how we might go about writing children’s fiction, and the issues with intended audiences, language, pictures and so on. Was really interesting to see how people responded to the same prompts…often with some very stark differences… One thing we agreed on was that children’s lit often tends to have a moral purpose which seems clear to adults but works more unconsciously on the mind of a child, and that it’s difficult to write anything for kids without having Freud hanging over your head.

Anyway, next week’s workshop will delve into very different territory with ‘Fan Fiction and Scenes of a Sexual Nature’. It’s become an annual sort of tradition that we have some kind of ‘erotica’ week, which seems quite appropriate what with all this Fifty Shades of Grey malarkey going about. We’ll be looking at what works and what definitely doesn’t, how to avoid cliches, common tropes in writing fan fiction and of course that obvious link between fan fiction and well, sex scenes. A good place to start might be here for some – shall we say – interesting writing on this topic. Please come along and there might even be wine (feel free to bring your own).

Also, it’s almost the end of February so you still have time to participate in Flash Fiction February. We’re looking for as wide a range a work as possible and it doesn’t have to be perfectly polished – just whatever spills out your head in relation to the prompts! You can find them all on the blog, and you can keep writing them and submitting them throughout March, though there won’t be any new prompts put up so you can go back and write from the ones already up. Eventually they’ll be part of our Flash Fiction February anthology! Remember to use the #flashfictionfebruary tag on twitter to advertise your writing ;)

That’s all from us and hope to see you at the usual time and place next Tuesday!

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