Week 7: Mixing Genres or ‘Down the Rabbit hole’

So… it has come to this…
We are half-way through the semester already  – and still so much fun creative things to do! With deadlines approaching and reading week over and done, we thought it would be suitable to re-energize and mix things up.
This week we focusing on mixing genres (which can be as straightforward as mixing a mystery-theme with a romance one: or even more complex…) but also touching on reworking cliches and the importance (and joy!) of Children’s Literature.

For some general writing inspiration and preparations for this week, see the Writers Manifeston in previous post: https://gucreativewriting.wordpress.com/2015/02/21/go-down-the-rabbit-hole-a-writers-manifesto/
and this article about writing catering for girls vs boys…:

A few announcements:
– A newly published author has graciously sent us 2 copies of her book (a collection of short stories) which will be available for everyone to read at the meeting, see more: https://gucreativewriting.wordpress.com/2015/02/22/secrets-scandals-theresa-mac/
– March is still awhile away, so keep up the good work and send us your Flash-Fiction pieces!

See you Tuesday!
Nina x

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