The Labyrinth

The labyrinth was dark. Dark as a starlit night.

The air was blue and cold, and the mist of my breath clouded before me. I could hear my shallow breathing, almost my frantic heartbeat, but all else was silent.

I turned a corner, I turned a corner for the thousandth time and they all looked alike. But this time, I stopped before a pool as clear as black glass, a mirror to the stars above. From somewhere within, a soft light began to glow, nearing the surface. It took form, took a human shape. Limbs unfolded beneath the still surface of the pool and then ripples appeared. A hand came creeping up through the ripples, a white hand that glowed with cool light, the hand of a young girl.

I took the ghostly hand, though I was gripped with fear. My chilled soul grew warm.

As I pulled, the figure floated, light as air, to the surface of the water and she stood upon the glassy pool as though on solid ground.

“What are you?”

“I am light. I am your reward.”

She led me through the darkness for a while. With my hand in hers, all was illuminated. Though the sky above was black and the stars still shone upon a nocturnal world, within the labyrinth the walls and floors were bathed in brilliant light. I flew through the maze, turning, sure of my goal, sure of my direction, but with the fever of hope I grew careless, and reached a wall with no way out but to turn back. It had been so long since my last mistake.

The light snatched her hand away. Her pale, moonlit glow turned to churning red light, her gently floating hair was whipped up in a storm of flame.

“No.” She snarled. “Wrong.”

“What are you?” I breathed.

“I am fire. I am your death.”

I ran.

Rachel Norris
What were your prompts?: Reward, Terror

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