‘Beyond a Joke’ Sketch Writing Opportunity

Just passing on an opportunity sent to me by Colin from Beyond a Joke live, thought some of you who are into comedy might want to give this a go!
‘Hi, I’m not sure if this is the type of creative writing your members are interested in pursuing but I thought I’d forward some details to you about our sketch night just in case as we’re actively looking for writers and contributions. The next show is on this coming Tuesday (10th February) if anyone wants to come along and see the type of material that works.
Material can be submitted to this email address and for more information they can check our Facebook page. —> https://www.facebook.com/Beyondajokelive
You can also have a look at some of the sketches performed ot the last show on our YouTube channel –> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCS9B9KEcHi2mHzdusqz05BA
************WANTED: YOUR COMEDY SKETCHES*************

Having enjoyed a successful opening night we are now actively on the lookout for the best sketch material we can find.

Beyond A Joke offers talented new comedy writers a ready-made audience for their best comic sketches. No matter how good you are it’s extremely difficult to get material on the radio, never mind the TV and most writers aren’t keen on performing it themselves. Okay maybe secretly some of you are.

So what happens to all that great stuff you’ve written in the solitude of your own home? Chances are it never gets an audience and ends up being curled into a tight paper ball and tossed angrily at your desktop upon hearing the latest viewing figures for Mrs Browns Boys (insert own comedy bête noire here).

If that’s you then send me your best scripts and if they’re good I’ll put them in the show. The audience votes for the best sketch of the night and a video (sometimes it may only be audio) of that winning sketch will be posted here for all to share and enjoy. There’s one below right now in fact…

Scripts should be emailed to the address in the attached image. I look forward to laughing, cringing, raging and despairing at whatever you send. But hopefully mostly laughing. Cheers, Colin.

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