The Azure Sky

Victor Moore has always been particularly skeptical when pertaining to matters of faith or uncertainty. One could call him a pragmatic man, only interested in the facts, but pragmatic does not quite cover the extremity of such skepticism, for one, pragmatism suggests logic, a certain degree of sensibility, while Mr. Moore’s belief’s teeter on incredulity. He believes neither in God nor science, on days he will side towards science, but is propelled back by lingering doubts. More recently, he has uncharacteristically toyed with the idea of God, but only in fleeting moments, and customarily followed by a remark of cynicism. His worldviews may even be considered close-minded, and often stretch no further beyond that the ground is here and the sky is up there. On the outside however, his simplistic nature and pessimism with regards to systems of belief is neither displayed nor spoken. Only on the inside, behind the borders of the skull, never to transcend from the throat to atmosphere, do such thoughts accumulate, as he would be certain to offend, if he were to attack the convictions of so many people, especially at a time as tremulous and delicate as this was.

But today, his misanthropy is neutered by one azure blue sky, cloudless and without gradient, a solid dimension of blue that reigns from above and trickles behind distant buildings and even more distant mountains further beyond. Opening his curtains, Mr. Moore is filled with a rare optimism based solely on the sky. He smiles slightly, and suddenly the weight of these past few weeks feels lighter, airier, like he is being lifted into the sky and is permeating the soft winds of the altitude. Despite his reluctance to wager on faith, Mr. Moore prophesied the recovery of his sister, the new smell of spring spurning his channels, letting all thoughts of gloom diffuse into the air and be replaced by warm winds and fresh grass. And so at once, Victor Moore had bet all his hopes on the unfurling vigor of a new season.

What were your prompts?: azure blue, fidelity, prophecy
Marcus Bechelli

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