L’amour est bleu

So, you came here to forget. To this God-forsaken place you’d never heard of. To heal the pain you felt every day, every single day in life. You carry that weight, it’ll never leave you until you occupy that same earth … You’ll remain faithful until that day, semper fidelis. There will always be that place in your heart.
Yet you’re not unhappy at the place you find yourself. As you stand now, the gentle breeze off of the ocean ruffling your short cropped hair, on the little platform, waiting for the 1315 off of Kildoran and you stand there ready to make the tablet exchange with Helen who’ll be driving, you look out to sea. On a day like today, when the sound of Sleat is like a mirror and the cobalt blue of the sea meets the azure blue of the sky, you drink in the fresh, salt tinged air. For a while the pain eases, life doesn’t seem so bad. Where will you be in twenty years? Who would dare to prophesy? Maybe your life is not over, maybe the healing hands of time…

What were your prompts?: Azure blue Fidelity, Prophecy
Jane Jones.

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