Update for Next Week: Colour Writing and Cut-Up Poetry

Hey everyone,

So this week we’re moving from the macro to the micro. Our previous workshop involved plotting the grand scheme of a novel: thinking up a premise, establishing a narrative framework and then starting to flesh this out with characters, conflicts, motives, setting and details. For anyone who wants to have a go at this who wasn’t there, our three buzzwords were ‘regret’, ‘stitches’ and ‘mountains’. We will be uploading everyone’s planning sheets to the blog in good time :)
The next workshop will be looking more closely at the details of our writing; more specifically, we will be focusing on the role of colour. It’s easy to forget the role that colour can play in creative writing, with regards to symbolic value, emotional setting and indications of mood, tone and atmosphere, as well as its special role in writing that deals with art itself. How does colour help us portray things like class, gender, ethnicity and personality with regard to character and setting? These are all questions we hope to reflect on. We will look at some examples of colour descriptions in writing and then go on to experiment with our own use of colour as a writing prompt. 
This workshop will also have a dabble in some form of cut up poetry. This involves exploiting the randomness of chance and the play of arrangement in our writing. It’s a good opportunity to ‘let go’ and follow your imagination. William Burroughs is a good place to start as an example, or you could watch the Beats film, ‘Kill Your Darlings’ for some inspiration (there is a good cut up scene in that – more info HERE). Please please please bring a newspaper or magazine of any kind and also a pair of scissors (if your ripping skills aren’t quite up to scratch). A highlighter or thick black pen would also do as well/instead. If you don’t have these utensils have no fear, as there are ways around it!
I will be putting some examples of cut-up poetry on the blog over the next few days so feel free to check them out. Otherwise, usual place and time 6-8pm in the GUU Elliot Library so please come along!
Also, a reminder to keep submitting for Flash Fiction February, and also we have been getting a couple more haiku in recently so it would be lovely if anyone fancies writing some for us: https://gucreativewriting.wordpress.com/haiku-tree/
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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