The knife is the easiest to clean. When the first drops of blood fall into the kitchen sink they draw crimson flowers which remind of sea anemones wavering underwater, looking for small animals that they can devour. Soon the water in the sink is coloured in a pale red.
The hands are more challenging. Only after having soaped them a third time, the foam turns into a light pink instead of bright red. Still, there is some blood left underneath the fingernails. Scrub them again and again until the skin becomes irritated.
Concerning the clothes… they will have to be burnt. No soap on earth can ever remove these treacherous red spots that cover the jeans and the T-shirt. So they will end up in the fireside later the evening. If the police come to search the house, they won’t find anything.

It is astonishing how much blood there is in one single man who is now lying on the floor of his own garage, his arms and legs spread in a grotesque way just like a small insect preserved forever in a drop of amber.

(prompts: evidence, amber, underwater)

by Rut Neuschäfer

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