Week 4: Breaching

Hi all,

Isn’t the autumn weather lovely!
So this week was fun – we did some fantasy and steampunk themed work and then got involved in worldbuilding (aka making fantastic maps). Hopefully you will find this useful for your own inspiration – sometimes it helps to have a spatial idea of setting in your head when you’re writing.
Next Tuesday, we’re meeting same time and place 6-8 in the GUU Elliot Library and the theme is ‘Breaching’: Breaking rules and conventions in writing. So yeah, put your rebellious face on!
Anyway, this week John’s writing the group novel and we also have Lewis bringing his work in to read out. If we get time at the end we’ll do some more free-writing.
As always, feel free to email me anything you want on the blog, (or use the ‘Contact Us’ page) and I’ll be uploading the maps soon – see the ‘Fantasy Stuff page’.
Hope to see you all soon,

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