Poems by Gabriele Misgirdaite

House in Wilderness 

There’s blood on my hands
Splash water on my face
I don’t care how it ends
I need some space.

We’re better as strangers
Avoiding the dangers
Nothing left to show
I don’t want to know.
Sister, who stole my soul?

Walk the earth with the hollow
Please don’t follow.
(This is not your)

Can I borrow
This feeling that gives strength to make wilderness your home?
My body is sallow
I do not fear spending my days completely alone.

Leave me in the valley.
No telly,
Half-empty belly.
Dancing with the crows
All murder of them
And rows and rows
Of drying herbs on my skirt’s hem.

Building my house from clay
Every corner’s blessed.
No one’s alive enough to sway
Me or be my test.

I ran away for a reason
Not for a season.
Why do you think it’s treason?

I cursed the world
So I could say
(When I was told
“No girl should be so bold”)
“Your soul never learned how to play,
Or to leave the taking out of giving,
Living without killing.”

Come over one day
To hear my heart pray
To see blisters on my hands;
Nevermind, if the love didn’t last.

But you want to leave so soon
Before the rising of the moon.
It’s the same as the past!
Hope burned up so fast.

I’ll watch the growth of plants
In my dear lands.
Heart carved from stone.

Till one afternoon
(I’ll think it too soon)
Resentment will die.
I’ll be a fool
In my mind’s eye.

So when death takes over me
The clouds will lay low.
Please let go
Of your routine for one day, love.

Run to the hills.
(Remember?) The most perfect of thrills.
My soul will follow,
To fill your heart with wind,
And endless sorrow.

Your gaze will spread over the land
The sands of time have fallen
You never heard my calling.
A lonesome man.


“Sand and Stone”

I was created from sand
And you – from stone.
Your light always shone
In my land.

I always gave way
But could not be restrained.
I used to escape
Those who caused me dismay.

(The feeling of your features,
Cast from stone
I want to be the only one to know.)

If we run out of time,
I’ll replenish it with myself
Pouring heaps of sand so fine
Into the hourglass
Made of patience and seashells

That you collected when we began
This journey together.
One woman, one man
Praying for fair weather.

As our hearts sail the oceans
To fulfill each other’s emotions
Remember one thing:
We never viewed it as a fling.

It was the deepest desire
To know what could transpire
From the union so odd and unknown;
Crafted from wind, and sand, and stone.


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