Hi everyone!

Hope you’re having a good week.

I really enjoyed last week’s session, trying to put together ideas for a story from newspaper articles, ads and other strange journalistic paraphernalia (someone showed me a thing on the Internet where you can order a poster of 50Cent’s twitter feeds…wow). The idea for our group workshops is basically to get some inspiration and try out collaborative working, but hopefully it’s enough to inspire you to go home and keep up your own writing too! There was some good work from yesterday so if anyone’s feeling confident enough we’ll get some of it put up on the blog if it gets sent to me :)

Anyway, next week, same time same place (6-8pm GUU Elliot Library, tuesday) we’ll be covering map-making/world-building, steampunk and fantasy. We’ll be discussing what makes fantasy and steampunk literature ‘tick’ and our favourite examples (so please feel free to bring in some of your favourite books to discuss briefly!). We also think having a ‘visual’ environment is important for the ‘world-building’ necessary to fantasy fiction, so we decided to rehash one of our favourite workshops (map making!). This is a good opportunity to think through the ‘rules’ of a fantasy world, as well as its geographical landscape. Hopefully afterwards you’ll want to go home and write an epic fantasy novel!

(Feel free, by the way, to pop down to the beer bar before/during the session to bring up a drink – alcohol and sugar can be good for the imagination)

Finally, I was thinking of doing a new thing where every week I upload a photo as a ‘prompt’, and there will be a place on the blog for you to upload whatever writing has been inspired by this prompt? We can talk about this more next week anyway.

Catherine and Heather are going to be doing the group novel page/independent reading this week. Once page 1 has been emailed to me I can put Page 1 on the blog. Can’t wait!

See you on Tuesday,



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